Friday, May 21, 2010

Batcave, Brooklyn

A friend of mine is filming at the Batcave in Gowanus, Brooklyn. We had to climb fences and go through a jungle to get here but it was totally worth every second.

May 20, 2010-_MG_3146

May 20, 2010-_MG_3182

May 20, 2010-_MG_3164


May 20, 2010-_MG_3142

May 20, 2010-_MG_3136

May 20, 2010-_MG_3125

May 20, 2010-_MG_3121

May 20, 2010-_MG_3119

pretending to be a guerilla artist

May 20, 2010-_MG_3098

May 20, 2010-_MG_3235

May 20, 2010-_MG_3172

May 20, 2010-_MG_3169

May 20, 2010-_MG_3162

May 20, 2010-_MG_3077

May 20, 2010-_MG_3216

More to come...

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