Thursday, March 27, 2008

For The Other Half Of The Sky...

I don't know what it is about this guy that makes me go bananzas every time i hear him. He hits me right in the spot. John Lennon was an amazing person. I don't know how else to put it but i think he is one of the greatest persons who've ever existed. i might seem a little obsessed... (yea, i read the books.."John" by Cythina, and John's books, "Skywriting", "A Spaniard In The Works" and "In His Own Write")... but he is beyond what words can describe to me. I read them to understand him, cause he is a very complex person that needs to be understood in a world of phonies, (Holden talk.) I cry almost every time i hear certain songs... ("Imagine" and "Jealous Guy" and "Woman" and "How?") and those are not even Beatles songs. (There is a LONGGGG list for those.)

Any who... Ive just come to realize that (like every other druggie/hippie) I connected with him. Mostly on another level that other people don't. I tried to turn one particular friend into the whole psychedelic rock music... and he told me to turn it off. Some people just find a lot of comfort and warmth in there own type of music, and it just amazes me how John knows how to connect with people on that level. I even feel like in my past life, I was somewhat involved/knew him. As crazy as it seems, i believe in that shit (there is not much that i do believe, such as Religion) but i believe in Lennonism. I believe that he was someone sent from a higher power to open people's minds to things they should be aware of. Okaayy... i might really sound like psycho talk but its me. And ive come to realize that this is me. I believe in him, i believe that if he was still alive.. the world would be different. (Listen to "God.")

Philosophy and life is such a hard topic to talk about, and i always find myself talking about it with friends when i hit the 'high' climax and i have to bring this up since its in my head ever since the day my friend Julio and I spoke about it. He's philosophy on life was that its all bullshit. Everything is made up and we are all toys. He believes in God (or of that a 'higher power') and with that we are his toys. "We are his little green army men that come in a bucket. We are just here, in the bucket. And people like Bush and Hitler are/were the soldiers that look like generals, or different, from the others. Jess, we are all just here, in a pile, in a bucket." It really is true, not in those terms, but we all just wait. Wait for time to pass, wait for something to happen. Wait for someone to pick us up and use us. It all revolves around time.


"I leave you as how I found you... Just time has past."
-John Lennon